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Our Single Treatments

Our Single Treatments are the main menus from our services. We have a wide range of main menus, from all sort of massage techniques, depending on your needs. You also can choose your treatment duration to suit your preference.

Add-On Services

We provide various add-on for our customer to choose. our Add-on services includes body mask, body scrub and some mini massages. Feel free to visit the Add-on service section to know more on our services.

Value Packages

We have a lot of package offerings to suit your needs. From monthly promo value packages to post-natal packages, pampering all mothers during confinement, we cover all range of your needs and we are glad to share our expertise with you.


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What our clients say

“terlelap ptg td, sedap sangattttttt urutannya ? rase hilang lenguh2 kaki n sakit badan, paling suke aroma minyak urut, wangiiii sampai taknak mandi..sayang bau haha ??? insyaallah, ade mase nanti nak amik lg tau, thanks byk2!”

Ms Sabrina, Sg Buloh Entrepreneur

The REAL spa at home. The music, candles and essential oils diffused in my living area left my home smelling like spa even hourse after session has ended. I highly recommend Face Accupressure.  Excellent service! Thank u again.

Ms Ruzanna, Cyberjaya

“Baru selesai sesi pre-natal massage (60min) kat rumah sendiri, alhamdulillah lama dah badan nak kene urut.. akhirnya dapat.. sekarang rasa selesa sangat..tekanan urutan yang cukup… Terasa sakit sikit di bahagian2 urat yg tegang masa urut tapi lepas urut alhamdulillah ringan dan lega. bau wangi lilin, massage oil (wangi) dan music yang di pasang mcm kat sp.. memang tenang rasa.. “

Ms Azlia, Kajang


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